Whilst at college I chose to explore “Visual Illusions and Trickery”. I decided to explore the use of shadows and projection :) I really enjoyed this project because I got to experiment with different elements and it gave me a change of scenery. I created cards with shapes and patterns cut out from them to create the shadow effect. With the projection, I took images of my sister with patterns projected onto her. I thought this looked really eye catching and reflected a fashion like look :) I then used one of these images and printed it onto acetate and then used a projector to project it onto a wall. I then took a picture of the projection and I think it has quite a creepy look and atmosphere to it! I then had the idea of projecting my own photographs on a wall, whilst I stood in front of them to create interesting textures. It then progressed into quite a humorous shoot! Overall, this was probably one of my favourite themes I explored whilst I was at college and I had a lot of fun with it! :) Head over to my gallery to see more and let me know what you think? :)

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